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We specialize in Concrete Pump Finance for new or used Concrete Pumping equipment, whether it be from a dealer or private sale. We source finance for small to large truck mounted Boom Pumps to any size of Line Pump.

No deposit finance available with variable terms, residuals and repayment structures, where only the equipment itself is used as security.

We understand that not everyone’s financial history and requirements are the same. We provide the experience to help you secure the perfect concrete pump loan, which suits your needs, even if the banks may have already said no.


Our Concrete Pump finance solutions include:

Full Document 

This application format is best when the deal cannot fit into the low doc types listed below. It will enable you to achieve the most cost effective repayments using a full document application. For this reason if the financials stack up most clients go this route.

To commence a Full Document deal for a concrete truck finance policy we will request the following:

  • Detailed Asset & Liability Statement for all directors and/or guarantors
  • 2016 Business Financials and Tax Return for existing business
  • 2016 Tax returns for any Directors of the business
  • Current Company Integrated Tax Portal for the existing business
  • Detailed Business Finance Commitment Schedule for the business

Replacement Policy

$500,000 – Concrete Pump Finance Replacement Policy with monthly payments that can be 25% more than your previous finance. This is a no financials product that will allow you to replace your truck even up to 6 months from the end of your last truck loan finished.

You will qualify for this concrete truck finance policy if you satisfy the following:

•    Good Credit History
•    New repayments are not more than 25% greater than old repayments
•    Age of Concrete Pump – New to 7 yrs old
•    Goods must be like for like industry related
•    Trading for min. 2 yrs in industry
•    No private Sales

Self Declared – Concrete Pump Finance Policy

We are also offering a new Self Declared Concrete Pump Loan Policy up to $500,000.

This means that with limited paper work your business can get approval for a concrete pump finance.

You will qualify for this truck finance policy if you satisfy the following:

•    Home owner (current rates notice to be provided) AND
•    Existing ‘A’ rated commercial credit running for at least 12 months
•    Copy of last BAS statment
•    Copy of Integrated Tax portal
•    Trading for min. 3 yrs in industry
•    No private Sales
•   Vehicle to be no older than 8yrs old at the end of a maximum 5yr finance term.

Refinancing or Balloon

If you need to refinance your concrete truck loan or the balloon (residual) is due and you would like to finance the balloon, this is the product for you. This is for transactions up to a total of $200,000 and requires ‘No Financials’*

No matter the amount you need financed, we have a finance product which will suite your and your accountants needs.

Check out our list of Concrete Pump trucks that we have financed:

Contact Us to discuss your new or used concrete pump purchases. We will definitely find you the best deal with our panel of major lenders.

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