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Truck Finance Australia and the Transport Industry

Truck Finance Australia

Prime movers, flat deck trucks, buses, trailers, and smaller commercial vans and vehicles make up the Australian transport industry. This industry, according to the ABS, contributes almost $50 billion dollars annually to the Australian economy and grows and an annual rate of around 2.4%.

Over the last 20 years, the industry has focused on maintaining safer, greener and effective equipment for which equipment finance has been fundamental.

Logistics transport finance (trucks and buses) makes up close on 15% of the total equipment finance activity in Australia according to stats from the AELA (Australian Equipment Leasing Association). So the industry is constantly growing and is an integral part of the growth of the Australian economy with more products traveling to market via road than rail or air.

Commercial Point Finance specializes in:

•   Truck finance

•   Mining equipment finance

•   Equipment Finance

The number of finance options available is varied; we can assist in providing the type of finance which best suits you and your companies’ specific circumstances. These finance options include Hire Purchase, Specific Security Agreement (chattel mortgage) & Operating Lease among others.

Contact us to discuss your specific truck finance australia or equipment finance requirements – [email protected] or phone us on 02 9453 0300

By Brendan Scotter