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Principal & Interest Mortgage

Home Loan Refinance Rebates

Banks are competing for your Home Loan Multiple of our big lenders are offering rebates when you refinance your home loan. Now is a good time to benefit from the competition between banks. We can help to see if it is worthwhile for you to refinance. This can depend on interest rate, LMI premium, available rebates and other factors. We will make sure there are no hidden eligibility criteria which makes… Read More »Home Loan Refinance Rebates

Your Mortgage Interest Rate Check Up

Does your mortgage interest rate start with a 3? If not it is definitely time for your mortgage Interest Rate Check up At present the mortgage lending market place is in a state of flux. The major banks are under intense scrutiny from the Banking Royal Commission and are not currently not as competitive as those medium and smaller mortgage lenders that are offering very competitive lower rates. This is… Read More »Your Mortgage Interest Rate Check Up

Change Your Interest Only Mortgage

Are you ready to change your mortgage from Interest Only to Principle and Interest? We can assist you when you decide it is time to change your mortgage from an Interest Only mortgage to a Principle and Interest mortgage. Why would you change from an Interest Only to a Principal and Interest mortgage? Most home loan mortgages are ‘Principal and Interest’ loans, which means your monthly repayments reduce both the principal… Read More »Change Your Interest Only Mortgage