Supplier Finance – Supply Chain Finance

What is Supplier Finance or Supply Chain Finance?

The key concept behind Supplier Finance is to provide suppliers with access to advantageous financing facilities by leveraging the buyer’s stronger credit rating.

Benefits for the Buyer:

  • Longer supplier payment terms without having to ‘trade off’ with price – 30-50% Trade Payables increase
  • Off-balance sheet finance and general improvement of the balance sheet
  • Reap early settlement discounts while still paying at invoice maturity
  • Improved process capability in Invoice Receipting, Approving, Electronic Invoicing and overall Procurement

Benefits for the Supplier:

  • Reduction of Trade Receivables and increase in cash position
  • Faster access to cash at advantageous rates
  • Strong cooperation with the buying company creates a competitive advantage
  • Faster cash conversion cycle from delivery to cash

Supplier Finance

What supplier finance products do we offer?

All suppliers have different needs – Commercial Point Finance’s supplier finance solution specifically tailors each program.

Commercial Point Finance recognizes that the supplier may want to outsource their finance, but retain all aspects of customer management. Commercial Point Finance is committed to providing quality web based solutions to deliver this process for the supplier.

Supplier programs:

  • Provide greater brand recognition for manufacturers and distributors.
  • Provide a one stop shop from purchasing through to the financing.
  • Provide customers with a consistent level of service that is a value add to the suppliers sales process.

Through having a range of financing alternatives, Commercial Point Finance can assist the supplier and/or the reseller in overcoming many of the difficulties normally associated with financing.

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