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Owner Occupied Home Loan

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After an Owner-Occupied Home Loan?

You can borrow the amount needed to purchase an existing home, build a new property or renovate an existing building with an Owner-Occupied Home Loan. This loan can be a Fixed Rate Home Loan or a Variable Rate Home Loan.

We have access to more than 30 Australian mortgage lenders. We offer a wide range of options -see our Property Finance Page for other mortgage options.

Use our Mortgage Calculator to help budget for purchasing property, determine monthly repayments for proposed purchases and see how different terms and interest rates will affect your monthly repayments.

Do you have a home loan and are keen to reduce it? How to get started on reducing your home loan.

Loans for building (construction loans)

A construction loan can help when you are building a new home. With this type of loan, you withdraw funds in stages, as you receive bills from tradespeople and suppliers. You only pay interest on the funds you have used.

Most lenders offer their construction loans at a variable interest rate. The loan reverts back to principal and interest repayments once the construction is finished,

Approval for a construction loan often requires plans, permits, and a fixed-price building contract.

Loans for renovating

Your home loan can also help fund basic renovations and home improvements. Especially if you only require a small amount for your project, you may be able to redraw additional funds from your current home loan.

Our mortgage brokers have specialised software that can quickly find and compare the best rate mortgages for owner-occupied.

Please call us on 02 9453 0300 or enquire online and we will complete a needs analysis, work out which lenders you qualify with and give you several options to choose from.