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Rental Finance

Rental Finance is best suited to those clients that:

  • Have just commenced in business and have no trading history but good work contracts moving forward
  • Need finance for rapidly depreciating equipment which will need to be replaced regularly
  • Require Off Balance sheet lending which will provide the equipment they need but only show as a rental cost to the business on the Profit & Loss, effectively reducing the companies taxable income
  • Has a tax debt and the major lenders will not consider them

Rental finance features:

  • No upfront bonds required (certain lenders)
  • Hand the equipment back at any time if no longer needed
  • Payments are tax deductible thus reducing the companies taxable income
  • Your choice of equipment from your supplier
  • Equipment up to $500,000 considered
  • Choose from a range of used equipment that the lender has in stock at greatly reduced prices
  • Payout the finance at anytime or annually
  • With each monthly payment, you are growing your equity in the equipment so that you own the equipment for $1 at end of term

This type of equipment finance is growing in popularity as it allows businesses to start up and provides the required equipment to enable a business to prosper. Quite often without this type of finance, many businesses could not even start up.

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