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Car Buying Service – Save Money and Time

We help you purchase your new car at a price that is normally only available to companies who purchase hundreds of vehicles each month. Fleet Pricing!

We find the best price for your new car

Our partner’s buying power supersedes anyone in the marketplace. Their industry experts utilise a unique tendering system of over 1300 fleet dealers in Australia.

Case study 1: Small vehicles

Vehicle 1 – VW Golf Type R MY20 7.5   

Customer price – $53,500

Fleet price – $51,529

Total saving – $1971

We trade your current car

  • Fast, Efficient, Hassle-Free
  • Independent wholesalers competing to maximise your trade in value
  • Pick up from your Driveway

Case study 2: Utes & Van

Vehicle 1 – Toyota Hiace SLWB 2.8L T Diesel 

Customer price – $54,286

Fleet price – $52,121

Total saving – $2,165

What is the Process

  • Choose Your Car – You seldom realise just how much time you spend in your car – so it is vital that you choose the right one for you. We provide detailed, independent advice on your new car, re-sale and trade-in vehicles.
  • Research / Test Drive – To save you time, they can organise a test drive for you. Alternatively, they can easily direct you to your closest dealer.
  • Secure Fleet Pricing – Once you are happy with your choice of vehicle, they then get you the best price. The tendering process takes an average of four to five (4-5) hours, where our specialists tender your exact vehicle Australia-wide. They will then have an indication of the best value possible in the country. Once successful, they place a hold on the car on your behalf and notify the winning dealership.
  • Take Delivery (full tank of fuel) – The car is delivered to your home or workplace with a full tank of fuel – drive away, no more to pay.
Process and timeframes – Please see below. Timeframe from step 1 to 4 is 24-48 hours. Steps 5 & 6 will vary dependent on make and model.

Car Finance

We can provide all types of Finance for your new car:

Case study 3: Family vehicles

Vehicle –  Mazda CX9 Azami AWD

Customer written price – $69,524

Fleet price – $65,695

Total saving – $3,829


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