Energy Efficient Finance – It’s Cheaper!

Car Finance

Energy Efficient Cars now get cheaper finance!!

Typically when you think of energy efficient vehicles you may think of Tesla, Toyota Prius or other types of hybrid cars.

You may not realise that there are now over 300 new cars with all makes and models available from dealers with low Co2 tail pipe emissions that contribute to a greener future.

Some examples are:

  • Volkswagen Polo MY17 81TSI Comfort line 1.2L 4 cylinder manual hatch Petrol 95RON
  • Hyundai i40 2017 Series II 1.7 1.7L 4 cylinder auto turbo sedan Diesel

If you purchase a low co2 emission vehicle that qualifies the great news is that we can generally arrange reduced payments to the standard payments usually charged.

How it works?

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (“CEFC”) has provided selected financiers with funding that enables them to reduce finance repayments to assist in accessing equipment that contributes to a greener Australia. These funding initiatives are for a specific amount and therefore are only available until exhausted unless increased funding is provided by the CEFC.

What Motor Vehicles qualify?

  • Cars purchased with low Co2 tail pipe emissions

The following Equipment types can also be considered:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Trucks powered by an electric, hybrid or regenerative drive/engine
  • Buses powered by an electric, hybrid or regenerative drive/engine
  • Machinery powered an electric, hybrid or regenerative drive/engine

What if you are replacing Equipment?

If you are replacing Equipment in the above list with new Energy Efficient Equipment we can also check to see to see if the new equipment qualifies. This requires confirmation of the energy savings for the new equipment compared to the equipment you are replacing.

It is worth asking us the question regarding your next Car Finance, as you could make savings on your monthly payments just for buying motor vehicles or equipment that are energy efficient.

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