Crane Finance

We organize Crane finance for new or used Cranes and Crane FinanceAccess Equipment.

Whether it be from a dealer or private sale. From small truck mounted cranes such as Palfinger, to large Frannas and Tower Cranes. We also secure loans for Scissor Lifts, Cherry Pickers, Crawler Cranes, Knuckleboom Lifts, and other access equipment. No deposit crane finance available with variable terms, residuals and repayment structures

Low Doc

Replacement Loans – if you currently have or have just finished a finance facility for your crane, and wish to replace it with a similar type of crane, we can provide a replacement policy for up to $500,000 with ‘No Financials’ *

Refinancing or Balloon – If you need to refinance your crane or the balloon (residual) is due and you would like to finance the balloon, this is the product for you. This is for transactions up to a total of $500,000 and requires ‘No Financials’*

Whether you have a perfect finance history or a bad credit rating ‘Commercial Point Finance’ can help you secure your personal or business crane finance.

Difficult to get standard finance set?

Try our ‘Rent Try Buy’ option. We understand that not everyone’s financial history and requirements are the same. We provide the experience to help you secure the perfect crane loan, which suits your needs, even if the banks may have already said no.

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