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IT Finance

Commercial Point Finance specializes in cost-effective, innovative IT finance solutions. We can assist business clients with the purchase of computer equipment and/or software.

Need to replace your out of date IT equipment/software or upgrade systems to win a new contract? We can arrange an IT finance solution to suit your needs.

Total Solution Funding

Our total solution funding package, allows you to finance all elements of an IT spend or upgrade. One simple monthly repayment covers all aspects of the project.

What can I fund?

Commercial Point Finance can arrange funding for hardware and/or software.

  • Hardware: All elements including servers, monitors, printers, laptops, and desktops can be funded.
  • Software: The majority of banks in Australia are unable to offer a true software finance facility. They simply extend an overdraft to cater to your needs. Unfortunately this has none of the tax benefits that a true software lease facility offers. More importantly, your overdraft has no specified end date. The credit is a revolving facility with variable interest rates. This is not the case with our fixed term funding options.

Types of Funding Solutions

There are a number of finance options available to give you the flexibility and choice to suit your needs.

Credit Lines

Clients often tend to have on-going finance requirements. The master agreement purchases items when required. When you purchase, you do not need to re-apply.

After approval of your desired level of finance, we secure this amount as a line of credit for future use.

The master agreement is signed and funds are drawn when required. You only pay for what you use. Make repayments on a monthly basis. Payments can cover all transactions or individual purchases.


Flexibility and financial benefits are the reasons rental is a popular option among purchasers of computer or security equipment. Especially for equipment with a high obsolescence factor.

At the end of the rental period, you have the option to: 

  • Make an offer to purchase the equipment
  • Upgrade to the latest technology
  • Hand the equipment back
  • Continue to rent at a reduced payment

Accounting considerations:

  • The rental payments are tax deductible if you use the equipment for business purposes.
  • Payments are usually considered off-balance sheet liabilities.
  • GST is payable on the base rental amount. You can claim the GST as an input tax credit.

Commercial Hire Purchase 

With a Commercial Hire Purchase, borrowers make a series of payments to the financier.

The financier owns the asset until the last payment. The borrower owns the equipment after the last payment.

You cannot upgrade the goods during the Commercial Hire Purchase contract. Clients should seek their own accounting advice for all taxation matters.

Specific Security Agreement (Chattel Mortgage)

With this type of loan, the borrower owns the equipment, claims depreciation and deducts the paid interest. You substitute the Goods secured by a Specific Security Agreement with the lender’s approval. 

Clients should seek their own accounting advice for all taxation matters.

Software Only Finance

We can arrange finance for the purchase of systems with a high percentage of software and intangibles. Even up to 100% of the total cost. Terms and conditions apply.

For further product information contact us.


IT Finance solutions have many great benefits which include:

  • Easy application: we can arrange finance for any amount you require. The minimum amount we can finance is $5,000 and for transactions under $35,000. We offer a no financials option subject to credit approval.
  • Overcoming costs objections: we offer payment terms and structures to suit your requirements.
  • The chance to free up valuable working capital.
  • Tailored IT finance solution: Your financing requirements will suit your needs.

Check out our Commercial Finance Page for all our commercial finance options.

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