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Invoice Finance – Improved Cash Flow

Commercial Point Finance has the experience to source quality cost effective ‘Debtor  & Invoice Finance’  solutions from a number of specialized lenders. Take the fuss out of chasing your debtors and leave it our team to assist in freeing up your cash flow. This will enable you and your business to capitalize on opportunities and focus on growing your business.

What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance is a specific type of Debtor Finance. Instead of selling all your invoices you can decide which invoices and when to sell.

What is Debtor Finance?

Debtor Finance allows you to sell your invoices upfront at a discounted rate. Your credit terms to your customers need to be over 30 days. You can get 80% of the invoice upfront and the remaining 20% (minus fees) when the customer pays the invoice.

Differences Debtor Finance and Invoice Factoring

  • Choice: Refinance all your invoices with Debtor Finance or choose which invoices with Invoice Factoring.
  • Timing:  Ongoing source of funding with Debtor Finance or on-demand funding with Invoice Factoring.
  • Confidentiality: Your customers will not be aware when you use Debtor Finance but will be notified when you use Invoice Factoring.
  • Debt collection: Invoice Factoring always comes with debt management services. Debtor Finance may or may not offer debt collection service.

Want to know about the 5 Advantages of invoice financing? Or how to Accelerate Your Growth Using Your Invoices?

We can help with both options. Check out our Debtor Finance Page or go to our Contact Us Page.

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