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You need the best - Commercial Property Finance

We have access to all the major Lenders. Do you want to purchase land, acquiring an office or a warehouse? Is it for your own occupation or for investment purposes? We can source and structure a loan to suit you.

Check out our Commercial Property Case Study.

What is Commercial Property?

A commercial property loan is a mortgage where the property that is used as security is anything other than a residential property.

Any building or piece of land used for business is considered a commercial property. There are three types:

  • Retail: Shopping centres, supermarkets, retail warehouses, high street shops, car showrooms, pubs and restaurants.
  • Office: Property built primarily for office use including facilities such as car parking, amenities and other essential services.
  • Industrial: Industrial units, factories, warehouses and agricultural property.
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Finance for Industrial Property

Types of commercial property finance requirements we can help with:

  • Competitive interest rates across the full mortgage product range; from Full Doc to non-conforming asset lends
  • Fast turnaround times – potential for approvals on the same day
  • Customised solutions for all your financial requirements
  • Flexible LVRs, terms and conditions
  • Non-bank financial solutions – avoid ‘putting all your eggs in one basket’
  • Access to ‘set and forget’ facilities with no annual reviews
    Access to non-bank private lenders with a more flexible view on lending
  • Bad Credit Commercial Loans
  • Flexible servicing criteria
  • Access to commercial loans based on valuation, not purchase price

What can Commercial Property finance be used for?

A commercial property loan can be used to develop, build, or purchase property that is intended to generate a profit.

This can be through capital gains, rental income, or via investment.

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Finance for Office

A wide offering of loan options is available:

  • Standard Variable Rate – the loan interest rate rises and falls in line with prevailing market interest rates
  • Fixed Rate – the interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan
  • Low Documentation – Investors who are unable to supply required financial records at the time of application. Financiers will lend up to a set percentage of the property’s value without financial verification.
    Introductory Rate – sometimes called a ‘honeymoon’ loan because you benefit from a lower interest rate usually for the first six months to three years
  • Line of Credit- a very flexible type of loan which enables you to use the equity you have in your loan for any worthwhile purpose. Ideal for the disciplined investor
  • Combination (‘Split Loan’)- allows you to divide your loan between two different loan structures. For example, half of your loan can be a fixed rate and the other half a standard variable rate

Commercial Property Development Finance

We can also assist to assure your property development finance. This type of finance generally operates as an interest-only, draw-down facility to finance your development as required.

Often the interest on a development loan is capitalized during the development period. The entire loan inclusive of interest charged is repaid upon the sale of the development and or the refinance of any residual debt.

The borrowing capacity you can achieve for development finance varies depending on the development lending criteria you are required to meet. This will vary from lender to lender and is also dependent on the proposal.

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Finance for Retail

Check out our Property Development Finance page for more details on Residential Property Development Finance.

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