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Commercial Finance

We work for you and your business by providing Commercial Finance options. Our personalized service and advice are obligation free.

Our aim is to create long term relationships with our customers. We offer solutions to the financial requirements that business will require from its start-up to expansion and sustainable trading.

Our suite of Commercial Finance options are aimed specifically at enabling your business to grow sustainably. These options can help to smooth out the peaks and troughs of cash flow.

The whole business picture, your existing loans, your future plans are all taken into account. Together we map out a strategic path so that your business can maximize its borrowing potential.

The range of Funding Options

Commercial Finance is solely directed at businesses and provides finance product solutions to everyday business problems. It consists of types of finance that all businesses use or should consider using. 

The finance product offerings are specifically designed to allow businesses to grow. And to maintain healthy cash flow and prevent the dreaded cashflow crisis many businesses experience, as they grow.

There are many different ways to obtain Commercial Finance. We can help pick the right one for you. Here are some of the available options:

Equipment Finance

Finance secured by a piece of equipment – We can help with all these options:

Business Line of Credit

Finance that allows you to draw against an agreed amount of funds when required.

Read more about the pros and cons of Business Lines of Credit in the following post.

Business Purchase Finance

Finance to acquire a new or existing business.

Commercial Property Finance

Finance to acquire or develop commercial property.

Check out our Commercial Property Finance Case Study.

Debtor Finance

A funding process based on the value of a business’ accounts receivable ledger. This type of finance is now gaining popularity over traditional financing tools like overdrafts or fixed-limit commercial loans.

Insurance Premium Finance

An unsecured loan provided to the business owners to pay their insurance premium(s) monthly rather than an annual lump sum. Using this tool the borrower can smooth out their cash flow and improve their budget.

Invoice Finance

A specific type of Debtor Finance where you can decide which invoices to sell and when to sell them.

Read more about Invoice Finance advantages in the following post.

IT Finance Solutions

This is critical finance for those companies that are heavily dependent on the latest IT equipment and software. This type of finance is most commonly a lease agreement.

Trade Finance

Finance for importers and exporters for both pre and post-shipment transactions.

Letter of Credit: a contract between banks to pay vendors for international business transactions derived from documents and not the commodities or service involved.

Read more about what a Letter of Credit is and how it is used in the following post.

Working Capital Finance

A loan that is taken to finance the everyday operations of a company.

Besides all of these above illustrated commercial finance options, the business owners can also get other kinds of loans for their business expansion.

If you are searching for more information about business finance or commercial finance then we will be glad to help – call us on 02 9453 0300


Why use us for your Commercial Finance?

Choosing us for your Equipment Finance & Commercial Finance needs ensures that:

  • We chase up all your paperwork with your accountant /bookkeeper to take the fuss out of finance for you
  • Flexible payment options are provided
  • Diversification of your lending exposure will ensure competitive results
  • We arrange pre-approved equipment finance limits for future equipment acquisitions
  • There is no obligation to proceed
  • The equipment finance is secured against the equipment, without requiring real estate as security – in most cases
  • We liaise with the supplier of your choice, organise the invoice and prepare all the paperwork for your sign off
  • We organize payment of the supplier. You take delivery of the equipment – it is as easy as that


Choosing us for your Residential & Commercial Mortgage Finance needs ensures that:

  • We chase up all your paperwork with your accountant /bookkeeper to take the fuss out of finance for you
  • We provide you with a suite of product and lender options that best suit your mortgage finance requirements via our wide range of lenders
  • All paperwork is done and you can proceed to approval
  • There is no obligation to proceed
  • We organize settlement so that you can move in or rent out your new property

Whether you are a sole trader or a large company; there is a wide range of commercial finance options available to you when you partner with Commercial Point Finance.

The next time you and your company are in the market for commercial (business) finance, rely on Commercial Point Finance for your financing advise.

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