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Farm Equipment Finance

Farm Machinery Finance is critical for securing the often advanced and very specific equipment that is required by farmers of all types of crops and livestock. Farm Machinery is the back bone of the agricultural industry, without it the rural sector would grind to a halt. Farming profit is all about efficiency and taking advantage of good seasons when you can. For this reason keeping your farming equipment up to… Read More »Farm Equipment Finance

PPSR – Red Tape Reduction

By Brendan Scotter On Wednesday this week the Coalition government will hold its first red tape repeal day for the year, which could see the controversial Personal Property and Securities Act (PPSR) simplified, along with 8000 other pieces of regulation. The Coalition has been on a red tape warpath since being elected in September last year and intends to cut $1 billion worth of regulations deemed excessive. Small Business Minister… Read More »PPSR – Red Tape Reduction

JCB Backhoe’s Dancing

JCB Backhoe Dancing!

“The JCB Dancing Diggers recently made an appearance in Canada to help celebrate the company’s customers. The hydraulic dance troupe performed at Moore JCB’s annual Customer Appreciation Day, held at the company’s St. Laurent, Quebec location on June 6. Lance Stroll, Williams Martini racing driver, also made an appearance at the celebration. The JCB display team (known as the Dancing Diggers) tour shows and celebrations to demonstrate the unusual ways in… Read More »JCB Backhoe Dancing!


Komatsu Hybrid Excavator – New 35 Ton

Komatsu was the first in the world, to make available hybrid excavators. They entered the Australian market in 2011. Komatsu Australia has announced the global release of the HB335LC-1, a 35-tonne version of its award-winning Hybrid excavator featuring the same Komatsu-designed Ultra Capacitor-based slew-energy regeneration system as on Komatsu’s proven 20-tonne (image) class HB205-1 and HB215LC-1 Hybrid excavators. According to Amber Rickard from Komatsu, especially in the Australian market, the… Read More »Komatsu Hybrid Excavator – New 35 Ton

Truck Finance Australia and the Transport Industry

Truck Finance Australia Prime movers, flat deck trucks, buses, trailers, and smaller commercial vans and vehicles make up the Australian transport industry. This industry, according to the ABS, contributes almost $50 billion dollars annually to the Australian economy and grows and an annual rate of around 2.4%. Over the last 20 years, the industry has focused on maintaining safer, greener and effective equipment for which equipment finance has been fundamental.… Read More »Truck Finance Australia and the Transport Industry