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Earthmoving Equipment Finance

Good Time to Consider Finance

Good Time to Consider Finance End of the financial year is just around the corner so now is a good time to consider equipment finance for your new or existing business. The appropriate vehicle, plant and equipment for your business are assets that require careful consideration, ensuring they align with your overall goals and objectives. Whether you’ve been in business for some time or you’re just starting out, you’ll know… Read More »Good Time to Consider Finance

Investment Allowance – Do We Need It?

Does Australia need an Investment Allowance? Our equipment finance industry body, the Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association (CAFBA), believes, as we do, that for businesses to commit to purchasing equipment, a new investment allowance should be available. CAFBA recommended it be available to a business with a turnover of less than $5 million and that it should be indexed annually. The investment allowance should have the following criteria: • Additional 50% tax deduction… Read More »Investment Allowance – Do We Need It?

Car Finance

What is a Private Sale?

Private Sale – the purchase of a vehicle or equipment from a person who is not a dealer or supplier. We often receive inquiries on whether we can finance the purchase of a car or other equipment from a person who is not a dealer or supplier. The good news is we can! It is known within our industry as a “private sale”. Key items to consider: Can the person… Read More »What is a Private Sale?

Latest Legal News

PPSR Ruling – Possession almost 10/10th of the Law

Bury your head in the sand with the Personal Property Securities Act at your peril – That was the case for General Electric! In February 2016, a NSW court decision confirmed the view that registering your Assets on the Personal Properties Securities Register (“”PPSR”) (link to PPSR) is more important than ever. The court case related to an action against General Electric international Inc. (“GE”) that leased four $50 million… Read More »PPSR Ruling – Possession almost 10/10th of the Law

Finance different types of equipment

We can finance most equipment types! We finance different types of equipment.  We have access to a wide variety of lenders. A lot of our clients don’t realise that in addition to standard pieces of equipment we can also arrange equipment finance for lots of other types of equipment. Finance different types of equipment: GPS units in trucks (even those trucks under finance to other financiers) Telephone systems Solar Equipment Commercial… Read More »Finance different types of equipment

PPSR Update

PPSR Update – Legislation changes – If you are a business that  hires or leases equipment changes to the Property Securities Act from the 1st October have taken effect! In previous editions of this Newsletter we have spoken about the Personal Property Securities Act (the Act that also applies to Businesses) and reminded those of you that hire or lease equipment to a third party for greater than 90 days to… Read More »PPSR Update

Cheap Dealer Rates – Are they Really that Good

Car and Equipment cheap finance dealer rates are being thrown around in the lead up to the end of the year to move stock. But are they all that they are cracked up to be? If you have agreed to buy a vehicle or equipment from a dealer you will often be introduced to the Finance and Insurance Manager who can handle the finance “on the spot’. And to make it… Read More »Cheap Dealer Rates – Are they Really that Good

Rent to Buy VS Hire

In a tough economy and without a backlog of work lined up, spending $50,000 on an excavator can be a big expense to justify. Many small to medium business owners don’t have enough cash to buy expensive construction equipment outright. There are usually two choices on offer: buy the equipment (typically with finance), or you can hire the equipment. The question is, which option—buy or hire—is best for your finances… Read More »Rent to Buy VS Hire

Transition of Assets

We were recently approached to assist with an inter-generational exchange of assets between family members with a heavy earth moving equipment company that had been established since 2007. Mitigating factors in this transaction were gained from the company gaining 100% of the existing contracts and revenue in the change over. While the initial transaction did appear complex in structure, we then sought further clarity and gained a sound understanding of… Read More »Transition of Assets