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Car Finance

Energy Efficient Finance – It’s Cheaper!

Energy Efficient Cars now get cheaper finance!! Typically when you think of energy efficient vehicles you may think of Tesla, Toyota Prius or other types of hybrid cars. You may not realise that there are now over 300 new cars with all makes and models available from dealers with low Co2 tail pipe emissions that contribute to a greener future. Some examples are: Volkswagen Polo MY17 81TSI Comfort line 1.2L… Read More »Energy Efficient Finance – It’s Cheaper!

no financials finance

No Financials Finance Products- $150,000

No Financials! Are you or is someone you know looking to buy motor vehicles or other equipment? We have access to a suite of funders that provide finance up to $150,000  without the need for financial statements. Initially introduced for cars the product now extends to a number of other asset types.  Such as construction equipment, excavators, agricultural equipment, material handling equipment, trailers, buses, Rigid trucks, tippers, concrete trucks, and small… Read More »No Financials Finance Products- $150,000

Earthmoving finance

Property Securities Register – PPSR – Update

IF YOU HIRE OR LEND EQUIPMENT Another court case regarding PPSR proves that it doesn’t matter how big your business is you can still get caught! If you own or are financing equipment and you hire or lend this to a third party (even a friend) you could lose ownership if that third party becomes insolvent. Unfortunately, correctly registering your interest on the Property Securities Register (PPSR) – https://www.ppsr.gov.au  is… Read More »Property Securities Register – PPSR – Update

valuing your equipment

Valuing Your Equipment

What makes a good valuer? Often we have our clients asking us about how they obtain a valuation of their equipment when we are organizing their equipment finance. With a number of Valuer’s being able to offer this service we thought we would provide some information in this Newsletter about the process of appointing a Valuer and what should be considered. In our experience depending on the type and complexity… Read More »Valuing Your Equipment

extra money

Use More Than One Bank

A Single Bank Will Stifle Growth If you are a typical small to medium size business you will have your daily transaction account with one Bank. You will probably use them for your funding facilities such as an overdraft. The Bank will usually hold a Fixed and Floating charge (now known a General Security Agreement – GSA) over your company. In addition the bank hold security over assets such as… Read More »Use More Than One Bank

Equipment Fraud – Buyer Beware!

Is what you are buying the real deal? You have seen that equipment or boat advertised and the price seems sensational! You inspect the equipment or boat and it looks great.  So why is the price so cheap? There is a good chance that the equipment or boat may be a “rebirth” although it all appears legitimate. So what is a rebirth? A rebirth is effectively the way of converting a… Read More »Equipment Fraud – Buyer Beware!

Latest Legal News

Latest Legal News

The Latest Legal News- Liquidator’s unfair preference claim defeated for stock provided to company that went into Liquidation. As advised in previous editions of this Newsletter we have mentioned in PPSR articles, the importance to understand your customers and to protect yourself where you supply goods under Retention of Title clauses. The May 2016 Federal Court decision in Hussain V CSR Building Products Limited shows that diligent suppliers complying with… Read More »Latest Legal News

Novated Lease

Dealer Interest Rates

Have you noticed the car advertising campaigns promoting low dealer interest rates at the end of the financial year? Car dealers want to sign you up to the finance for the “special offer” straight away to secure the deal. We provide some “tips of the trade” that may help you before signing on the dotted line. How can Car Finance Dealers offer such low-Interest Rates? Typically these finance arrangements are… Read More »Dealer Interest Rates

Earthmoving Equipment Finance

Good Time to Consider Finance

Good Time to Consider Finance End of the financial year is just around the corner so now is a good time to consider equipment finance for your new or existing business. The appropriate vehicle, plant and equipment for your business are assets that require careful consideration, ensuring they align with your overall goals and objectives. Whether you’ve been in business for some time or you’re just starting out, you’ll know… Read More »Good Time to Consider Finance