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$1000 Cashback on Asset Finance

Amazing Deal!! – $1000 Cashback on Asset Finance for eligible NEW equipment purchased through a dealer.  Eligible clients who settle a new Commercial loan between 19 August 2020 and 31 October 2020 will receive $1,000 cashback to their account. Requirements to get the $1000 Cashback To take advantage of this offer, you will need to meet the following requirements: have an ABN 60-month loan term only $20,000 minimum amount financed (excluding brokerage) dealer sale only (no… Read More »$1000 Cashback on Asset Finance

tax deductions

Tax deductions are still available

With tax incentives extended into this financial year and suppliers still offering discounts, now may be the perfect time to update your equipment or vehicle – and the good news is that we’ve got your finance options covered! The added advantage of the Instant Asset Write Off (now extended to 31st December 2020) If you are purchasing a new or used asset (or multiple assets) this financial year less than $150,000 (GST… Read More »Tax deductions are still available

Slattery Finance – Auctions and Valuations

We are proud to announce that our director Brendan Scotter has joined the Slattery Finance team as NSW Finance manager. He is now your go-to finance broker when purchasing equipment from Slattery Auctions in NSW. Slattery Auctions and Valuations Slattery Asset Advisory and Slattery Auctions and Valuations is the leading provider of premium asset advisory and remarketing services in Australia and Asia Pacific. Slattery Auctions remarkets a variety of high-quality… Read More »Slattery Finance – Auctions and Valuations

$30,000 Instant Asset Write-Off

$30,000 Instant Asset Write-Off

Make sure you get your orders in for delivery by the 30th of June 2019 to maximise the Government’s $30,000 Instant Asset Write-Off. And remember this deduction is available for multiple assets as long as they are under $30,000. We can help with Finance if you are ready to go shopping. Or get pre-approval on a “no obligation” basis to ensure you’re ready to take advantage of the “specials” on… Read More »$30,000 Instant Asset Write-Off

Cross Collateralization

Cross Collateralization – Bad for business?

Cross-collateralization is a term used when the collateral for one loan is also used as collateral for another loan. Cross Collateralization example A person/ company has 2 equipment loans with the same financier. One loan for an excavator which is secured by the excavator. A second loan for a skid steer which is secured by the skid steer. The financier can use both assets as cross-collaterals for both loans. This… Read More »Cross Collateralization – Bad for business?

Equipment and Machinery Sharing – Future or Now?

Sharing Economy – already here We are all part of the sharing economy, maybe even without realizing it. Do you buy DVDs or CDs or do you use Netflix and Spotify? Uber and Airbnb are the best-known examples of companies capitalising on the sharing economy. According to the Financial Times we are entering a new era where consumers value access over ownership and experiences over assets. But what about sharing your… Read More »Equipment and Machinery Sharing – Future or Now?

New Lease Accounting Standard IFRS 16

What effect will the New Lease Accounting Standard have on businesses? In Australia most businesses undertake some form of leasing activity. This can be renting an office or leasing finance vehicles and equipment. To date a number of these lease arrangements have been classified as operating leases. As an operating lease they have not been recorded on the balance sheet of the business. Instead they have been recorded as an… Read More »New Lease Accounting Standard IFRS 16

Equipment Ownership

Legal Update – Equipment Ownership

Can someone else take ownership of your Equipment? If you rent, lease or hire equipment that you own to a third party (even a friend) you can lose ownership and any equity in the equipment. This can happen when the third party you are hiring too becomes insolvent, even though you legally own the equipment. See one of our previous posts on PPSR Update. This is also true for asset… Read More »Legal Update – Equipment Ownership

Importing Equipment

Importing Equipment

Importing Equipment from Overseas – What are Your Options? Customers importing equipment direct from overseas has been increasing in recent years with the ability to be able to source goods directly from suppliers. Access to the web has made this easier than ever. One question we often get asked is what is the best way to finance this import? Often our clients will approach their bank directly without knowing all… Read More »Importing Equipment