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Business Finance – We have you Covered

  • 22 August, 20146 May, 2019

Do you know about the full range of product and services we offer for Businesses? In addition to our extensive range of vehicle and equipment finance options we also offer you a complete service for all your business finance needs These include: • Trade Finance and Progressive Payment facilities • Debtor Finance • Insurance Premium Funding • Banking and Business Finance Trade Finance & Progressive Payment Facilities for an Equipment… Read More »Business Finance – We have you Covered

Invoice Finance

Accelerate Your Growth Using Your Invoices

  • 25 June, 201425 March, 2019

The recessional phase of the global economy has made it essential for businesses to manage their liquid assets carefully. Some businesses explore ways to raise more capital, whereas others look for hassle-free methods of cash flow funding. Accelerate Your Growth Using Your Invoices You can always opt for invoice financing to provide additional working capital to your business without incurring debts. As the name indicates, under this mode you can… Read More »Accelerate Your Growth Using Your Invoices

insurance premium funding

Insurance Premium Funding – Made Easy

  • 10 June, 20146 March, 2019

Is it that time of year again that the insurance premiums are due? Keep reading if you can use the money better somewhere else. Did you know that there are solutions to help you pay the premium in manageable installments? We have the experience to source quality cost effective ‘Insurance Premium Funding’  solutions from a number of specialized lenders. Therefore we can help. What is Insurance Premium Funding How does… Read More »Insurance Premium Funding – Made Easy

letter of credit

Letter of Credit – What is it & How is it Used

  • 21 January, 20148 June, 2020

Achieving positive vendor relationships internationally, in a world of global supply sources, is essential for local businesses to grow. All type of trade finance options helps in developing relationships as well as payments to overseas suppliers. International trade finance facilitates timely purchasing opportunities for the sellers and allows manufacturers to export their products or services efficiently. It directly improves local businesses’ access to the latest technology, equipment, and services from… Read More »Letter of Credit – What is it & How is it Used