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Accelerate Your Finance Options

Accelerate Your Finance Options

Accelerate Your Finance Options Commercial Point Finance provides your business with a one stop shop approach to commercial finance options. whether you are after a new Truck, Car, Excavator, Crane, Plasma Cutter or business premises. Commercial Point Finance has the solutions to suit your requirements we offer any number of finance products to suit your requirements. We source these from a large number of different lenders. Our lender panels includes… Read More »Accelerate Your Finance Options

Trade Finance

Import Finance Options

Whilst importing equipment direct from an overseas supplier can seem daunting to some, we can make the process seamless from the purchase right through to the financing of the equipment. We can assist with structuring the supplier payments with access to Trade Finance Products right through to the conversion to the Equipment Finance Product. Check out our Import Finance Case Study or our Trade Finance page for more detail on Letter… Read More »Import Finance Options

Debtor Finance

Product Focus – Cash Flow Finance

Cash Flow Finance As we are in a small business we understand that every business needs access to cash flow. Based on our experience many businesses are struggling to obtain flexible, affordable forms of finance from traditional lenders and are seeking other ways to obtain finance. With property valuations also difficult to predict, equity is becoming harder to provide as security for an overdraft. This is where we can often… Read More »Product Focus – Cash Flow Finance

extra money

Cash Flow Finance

Every year in Australia 400,000 small and medium-sized businesses need cash flow finance and usually the big banks can’t help. So what is the problem? Often it is due to a lack of property security held to assist with the finance required. The good news is that if you’re a business that has a cash flow finance requirements we now have access to a number of finance providers that may… Read More »Cash Flow Finance

Production Funding

Production Funding (finance one step ahead of Debtor Finance) One drawback to your garden variety Debtor Finance contract is that you may need capital in order to do the work which will generate the invoices. This is where Production Funding can assist. Production Funding can be used to mobilize your workforce (get them on site) and carry you through until you can start to issue invoices. You might think that… Read More »Production Funding

ATO ‘Wind Up’ Blitz

Taxes currently owed to the Australian Taxation Office by small business are increasing. It would appear the ATO is taking a hard line stance and issuing an increasing number of wind up notices. Numerous businesses are at risk by having had no payment arrangement in place and allowing the tax debt to rise over $100k. External administration notices have been lower in previous years but with the current climate of… Read More »ATO ‘Wind Up’ Blitz

Unsecured Business Loan – Cash Flow Funding

Are you looking for an Unsecured Business Loan? Keep reading and find out if we can help. If you require $5,000 to $250,000 we have made it easy to apply with: No Application Fee No Collateral Required Payments Based on Cashflow Easy Criteria Funding Available in 3 days* Does your Business have a Cash Flow requirement for any of the below: Funds to start new contracts or jobs Operating expenses… Read More »Unsecured Business Loan – Cash Flow Funding

managing cashflow risk

Managing Cashflow Risk

Risk management strategies for cash flow Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company. Irregular flows of finance can spell potential disaster for a company. Make sure to implement systems and processes necessary to maintain a healthy flow of funds. Below is a handy Cashflow Risk Management strategy checklist:  Always perform a credit check on new customers – Make sure they are creditworthy before you commit time and resources to… Read More »Managing Cashflow Risk

Progress Claim Finance

We now have a lender who is offering a new specialized funding solution – ‘Progress Claim Finance’. Progress Claim Finance is now available to provide funding support for Australian small and medium sized businesses. What is Progress Claim Finance? Progress Claim Finance essentially provides invoice finance to those businesses who engage in contractual type arrangements with invoices billed on a progressive basis. Funding is advanced against the stage or progress claims, thereby… Read More »Progress Claim Finance