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3 Ways that Invoice Finance can assist SME’s

Invoice Finance is a great commercial finance option for any business that wants to smooth out its cashflow each month OR is growing rapidly and whose cashflow cannot keep up. Check out this video where our director Brendan Scotter talks about the 3 ways that Invoice Finance can assist SME’s. Some discussion points: It grows with you – when your business grows your finance grows There is no cap –… Read More »3 Ways that Invoice Finance can assist SME’s

business line of credit

Business Lines of Credit Pros & Cons

“Looking for immediate financing for your business? We’ll help you decide if a business line of credit might be a good option for you. What is a Business Line of Credit? A business line of credit is a financing option that falls somewhere between a business credit card and a term loan. Virtually the only similarity that a line of credit has to a small business loan is that it gives access… Read More »Business Lines of Credit Pros & Cons


Allianz Insurance – Up To 20% Discount – General, Small Business and Farm

We have recently partnered with Allianz which enables us to provide our clients very competitive insurance options.  Due to our size and relationship with Allianz we have negotiated a 20% discount to their standard rates. Our aim is to provide you with the opportunity to save up to 20% on your insurance. Now that’s cheaper than what you could get online. We can now offer you the following Allianz insurance… Read More »Allianz Insurance – Up To 20% Discount – General, Small Business and Farm

Finance is Challenging for Australian Small Businesses

Many small businesses looking to grow still find it challenging to access finance, particularly without providing real estate as security. According to The Reserve Bank of Australia’s Access to Small Business Finance bulletin. Lenders highlight that they are keen to lend to small businesses, but that unsecured finance involves more risk. The entrepreneurs on the Reserve Bank’s Advisory Panel have highlighted the following key issues: Access to finance for start-ups is very limited:… Read More »Finance is Challenging for Australian Small Businesses

Green Energy Finance

Green Energy Finance and Global Transition to Green Energy

Green Energy Finance Are you thinking about installing green energy technology like solar panels to save on your power bills? If so, we have a range of lenders for commercial solar power installations. We have a number of financing packages which include ‘No Financial’ finance solutions for your business. Check out our Green Energy Finance page for more details. Visualizing the Global Transition to Green Energy “A fully green future… Read More »Green Energy Finance and Global Transition to Green Energy

Invoice Financing Advantages

5 Advantages of Invoice Financing

The secret to small business success: 5 Advantages of invoice financing 1. Feel Comfortable About Full-Sized Projects Small businesses carry a lot of cost on big jobs and payment is frequently slow when there’s a big corporate involved. That’s a bad combination. Invoice financing allows businesses to take on potentially rewarding contracts without getting stretched too thin, by getting up to 85% of your outstanding invoices paid upfront instead of… Read More »5 Advantages of Invoice Financing

Using Only One Bank

Is Using Only One Bank The Right Choice?

Our experience with clients tells us often this is not the case.  In this article, we take a look at what businesses both large and small are now considering when looking for the Right Choice when they source their finance needs. Banks generally look at finance around the following: Aggregation Security Lending approach Aggregation of Bank facilities When providing finance most Banks will “aggregate” all facilities that they provide to… Read More »Is Using Only One Bank The Right Choice?

extra money

Extra money needed for the business before Christmas?

What could you do with extra money in your business before Christmas? Unsecured business loans are now available for any worthwhile business purpose and we have access to a number of funders that can assist. Check out our No Financials Finance post. Each Financier has different requirements.  We provide options that are suited to your requirements rather than just a one size fits all approach from a single financier. Check… Read More »Extra money needed for the business before Christmas?

Equipment Finance

New ‘FAIR’ – Small Business Lending

‘Fair’ Small Business Lending Those considering Small business lending with the big four banks are set to benefit from changes to contract terms imposed by ASIC and sought by the small business ombudsman. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has issued recent advice’s indicating that all four of the nation’s major banks have agreed to eliminate unpopular ‘unfair terms’ from their loan contracts to small business. In the context… Read More »New ‘FAIR’ – Small Business Lending