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Truck Finance Case Study

truck finance case study

Type of Finance: Truck Finane

Client Industry: Trucking

Amount Financed: $900,000

Client Request

The client’s company had a strong business with a fleet of prime mover trucks and trailers. The business was trading profitable and had a strong history with many loyal clients providing consistent work.The business was based in TAS and VIC. Its main work was hauling Poppies, Potatoes and various Grains from farm gate to market.

Despite this, the client had great difficulty getting his finance set for the upgrade equipment that he sorely needed to remain profitable.

At the same time, our client went through a divorce. He was forced to payout his ex-wife which saw him delay payment to the ATO for some time. As a result, he had a $600,000 tax debt.

The lenders/brokers, therefore, deemed this client’s finance ‘too difficult’.

Our Solution

Firstly we have extensive knowledge of the lenders and their policies and we have long-standing relationships with them. Consequently, we were able to get truck finance and trailer finance set on 10off new and upgraded pieces of equipment.

Call us now to discuss your circumstance so that we can assess your situation. You could be our next Truck Finance Case Study.