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Commercial Property Finance Case Study

Commercial Property Finance Case Study

Type of Finance: Commercial Property

Client Industry: Building

Amount Financed: $1,200,000

Client Request

We had an existing client who referred us to one of their family members who needed assistance financing 3 x Commercial Properties into a newly restructured business.

The entity has a complex multiply trust structure with a number of beneficiaries. The client advised that the deal had been with another bank and broker for 12 mths with no result.

Our Solution

We quickly built the deal and identified all parties to the transaction. Then took it to the market to find the most appropriate and cost-effective commercial lending product. We applied for the 3 x separate Commercial Property loans and had a Conditional Approval within 7 days of lodgement.

The deal was settled a month later and the business could now move forward.

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You could be our next Commercial Property Finance Case Study.

Our Range of Finance Options

Not only do we provide residential property finance, but we can also assist with commercial property finance. Check out our Property Finance Page for all options.

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