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We specialize in Car Finance

We provide an extensive range of Car Finance options to our clients for any Small , Medium, Large, SUV, Car FinanceSports, 4×4, Ute or Wagon vehicles.

Whether it be through a dealer or it is a Private Sale for personal (Consumer) or commercial purposes, we have you covered.

Our car finance offerings are derived from our 8+ lenders to make sure you get the best deal. We offer Low Doc, Medium Doc, Full Doc, Replacement or Rent Try Buy options.

Low Doc 

Standard Low Doc

We have an amazing Low Doc Car Finance product available exclusively to our group for ABN holders. New $150,000 car finance deal now available!!.

On all passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes. All with ‘No Financial’ *

Are you a professional *

If you are an architect, engineer or some other similarly qualified professional you are eligible for ‘No Financial’

Replacement Loans*

Cars up to $150,000 – This no financials product will allow you to replace your Car even up to 6 months from the end of your last Car loan finished.

You will qualify for this low doc car finance policy if you satisfy the following:

  • Good Credit History
  • New repayments are not more than 25% greater than old repayments
  • Age of Car – up to 4 yrs old
  • Goods must be like for like industry related
  • Trading for min. 2 yrs in industry
  • No private Sales

Refinancing or Balloon*

If you need to refinance a vehicle or the balloon (residual) is due and you would like to finance the balloon, this is the product for you. This is for transactions up to a total of $250,000 and requires ‘No Financials’*

Medium Doc

We are also offering a new Medium Doc Car Finance Policy up to $150,000.

This means that with limited paper work your business can get approval for a Car finance. The car will need to be no older than 12 yrs old at the end of a maximum 5yr finance term.

You will qualify for this car loan policy if you satisfy the following:

  • ABN Registered for 1 yr min (no consumer deals)
  • Home owner (current rates notice to be provided) or 20% deposit
  • Existing ‘A’ rated commercial credit running for at least 12 months
  • Copy of last BAS statement
  • Copy of Integrated Tax portal
  • Trading for min. 3 yrs in industry
  • No private Sales

Full Doc

Full doc finance application is a great option as it:

  • gives you access to the best deal possible
  • allows the vehicle / machine that is to be finance to be older than 5 yrs old
  • enables large $$ amount equipment to be financed
  • Has the best chance of approval even if you have a tax debt or default issue

Typically for a full doc application we would request the following items from you:

  • Latest 2 x Payslips (consumer deals)
  • Last 2 yrs Financials & Income Tax Returns for directors and the business
  • Monthly finance Commitment Schedule for the business
  • In some cases a current ATO Integrated Tax Portal for the business

Once this data was collected, your experienced finance broker will build your deal and present it to the lender in the best light to give it the best chance at an approval.

How Does the Car Finance Process Work ?

Step 1

One of our finance specialist has a chat with you to understand what work you do, how long you have been in business and what type of equipment you are after. We will also talk about the particulars of the business and your trading history to best tailor a finance solution.

Step 2

The finance specialist then calculates your ability to make the payments for your new finance piece of equipment. They will look at:

  • Are you a PAYG employee? 2 x last payslips
  • For ABN holders – the lastest financial statements available for business
  • Are business bank statements for the last 3 mths available, therefore, will the deal be a low doc with no financials or a full document deal
  • Will a cashflow projection be needed?
  • Our experienced Brokers will manage this process for you.

Step 3

When we have received all of your application and financial data. Our finance specialist will commence to build your deal in the best light to the most conducive lender and lender policy to give it the best chance of gaining an approval.

Step 4

APPROVED!! – Our finance specialist then contacts the vendor and organizes a vehicle inspection (if required) and also requests an invoice for the car.

Step 5

INVOICE RECIEVED – We then prepare the finance documents for you to review and sign off so that we can progress to Settlement.

Step 6

SETTLEMENT – Our team puts the deal to the financier’s Settlement Department along with all settlement required documents and the deal is SETTLED!. We then email the vendor the Settlement Confirmation from the lender so that you can go and pick up your car.

Easy process

Use our simple process now! Call us on 02 9453 0300 and talk to one of our car finance specialists from all over Australia.

Alternatively, you can send us a quick quote request. Someone from our office will be in contact to take down your details.


Why use Commercial Point Finance for your Car Finance?

  • Our Finance Specialists are highly trained and have real experience dealing with real clientsCar Finance
  • Our clients are located in every state of Australia. Location is no issue.
  • The whole process is obligation free, so there is no risk to you
  • Our team are known and respected brokers within the financing industry with our clients referring us to many of their friends and colleagues.
  • We are used as a tool to help grow your business in the good times and in the tough times.
  • Our brokers will source solutions to most issues.
  • We have a suite of lenders that can offer a vast array of finance solutions for your business. We can finance new and older Cars purchased through dealers and private sellers.
  • Whether the car is NEW or USED, through a Dealer or Private Sale. All transactions are acceptable with finance solutions for all.

The types of Car Finance we provide:

• 4×4
• Sedan
• Ute
• Sports
• Exotic

Contact Us now on 02 9453 0300 to discuss your particular requirement. We offer Low Doc, Medium Doc and Full Doc finance options from a suite of 8 + 1st or 2nd tier lenders. This gives us superior breadth of finance options to suite your circumstances.

Not only do we specialize in Car Finance we also offer Home Loans, Earthmoving Equipment, Truck Loans, Crane Loans, Concrete Pump Loans, Agri Equipment Loans, Equipment Loans, Trade Finance, Debtor Finance, Business Lending and much more.

Client satisfactory is paramount to us so contact us now and experience the difference with Commercial Point Finance.

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