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Business Finance – We have you Covered

Do you know about the full range of product and services we offer for Businesses?Commercial Finance
In addition to our extensive range of vehicle and equipment finance options we also offer you a complete service for all your business finance needs

These include:

Trade Finance and Progressive Payment facilities
Debtor Finance
Insurance Premium Funding
Banking and Business Finance

Trade Finance & Progressive Payment Facilities for an Equipment Purchase

We can arrange trade facilities where equipment is being imported including where equipment is being constructed and progress payments are required by the manufacturer. In this case repayments are interest only on the outstanding balance during the construction stage and converted to an asset finance product on completion.
Security (subject to credit approval) is the asset being financed with no reliance on property security or other bank held security such as a General Security Agreement (Fixed and Floating Charge).

Debtor Finance

We can assist your business free up cash in your invoices to help your business grow.
Why Debtor Finance?

• As your business grows, the finance facility grows with it
• Unlike overdrafts, does not require real estate security
• Is a self-liquidating facility, meaning that your business isn’t taking on any additional debt
• A stand-alone facility that can be separated from your other Bank borrowings and Bank security
• Fast access to your debtor’s outstanding invoices – no more waiting 30 or 60 days

Insurance Premium Funding

With insurance being one of the largest annual expenses of most businesses it makes sense to spread the cost by making monthly payments.

We can arrange the funding and you will benefit from:

• Improved cash flow through no large upfront payments
• Additional line of credit without security
• A stand-alone facility that can be separated from your other Bank borrowings and Bank security
• Fixed interest rate

Banking Relationships

We have the ability to offer Banking Introductions to our business clients at Retail, Business Banking & Corporate levels.

If you are looking to change Banks or require additional assistance from your own Bank we can assist. Our role is to assist you in the relationship and make appropriate recommendations.

Commercial Property Finance

Over the years, we have successfully obtained finance for many clients for the Purchase or refinance of properties that are either Owner Occupied or held for Investment purposes.
We have access to a wide range of Commercial Property Finance products available from major and second tier banks or non-Bank institutions.