Residential Mortgage Finance

We have access to many lenders including all the Mortgage Financemajor mortgage finance lenders.

Purchasing and financing your home or investment property can be a very stressful but exciting time. The mortgage finance commitment itself can be the largest that you will make in your lifetime.

Allow us to assist you in navigating the financing of your property weather it be owner occupied or investment. We will collect all your data and build the deal to give it the best chance of securing the approval so that you can live your dream and achieve your goals.

So whatever your residential mortgage finance requirements are, be it:

  • Purchasing Land
  • acquiring a House and Land package
  • an Existing Home
  • a Unit
  • a Duplex 

Whatever the purpose, we can source and structure a loan to suit you.

Residential Mortgage Finance – Interest Rates are on the Way Up!Mortgage Finance

We will Refinance you existing mortgage to make sure that you are on the best rate and we can also LOCK IN the interest rate for a period to protect you from any rate rises. Now is the time to act before the rate cycle moves upwards!

A wide offering of mortgage finance loan options are available, including:

  • Standard Variable Rate – the loan interest rate rises and falls in line with prevailing market interest rates.
  • Fixed Rate – the interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan.
  • Low Documentation – Investors who are unable to supply required financial records at the time of application. Financiers will lend up to a set percentage of the property’s value without financial verification.
  • Introductory Rate – sometimes called a ‘honeymoon’ loan because you benefit from a lower interest rate usually for the first six months to three years.
  • Line of Credit– a very flexible type of loan which enables you to use the equity you have in your loan for any worthwhile purpose. Ideal for the disciplined investor.
  • Combination (‘Split Loan’)– allows you to divide your loan between two different loan structures; for example, half of your loan can be a fixed rate and the other half a standard variable rate.

Contact us now to source the best Residential mortgage finance available from our 30 lenders.

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